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[ Air Hidrogen Super Anti-Oksida ]

Because hydrogen is the smallest molecule which reaches to the cells and passes through the cell membrane.
Hydrogen reduces the oxidation, thus it is the most direct anti-oxidant. Perhaps more powerful than any single vitamin supplement or food because hydrogen supplies tons of extra electrons to your body.


Detoxification :Clean the your body thoroughly down to the cellular level
Fatigue Relief :Relieve the tiredness after a long flight.
Anti-Hangover :Too much alcohol? How about some H4O before resting and upon waking to start the day fresh.
Stress Reduction : Too much stress? / Reduce your stress with H4O.
Anti-aging: : Feeling like you are getting old? Rejuvenate yourself with hydrogen.
Skin Improvement : Itchy skin or dandruff? Pour some H4O on it and notice the benefits yourself. Or you can always jump in our hydrogen enhanced spa—which covers you body with the most precious hydrogen water.
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